Erase Tax Debt and IRS Liens

Tax debts, liens, and other IRS fines can be overwhelming. Penalties, interest, and fees add up and can feel insurmountable. Reynolds Law Firm can help you get out from under the mountain of debt and erase tax debt. We have experience with bankruptcy tax debt relief. It is not simple, but a meeting with us can put you on track with bills and erase tax debt today!

Have you been told that filing bankruptcy can’t erase tax debt in Alabama? The person who said that probably isn’t an attorney. Fortunately we are, and we know the rules. It isn’t straight forward but tax debt can be erased with bankruptcy in many situations. We have helped many clients file bankruptcy and eliminate tax debt. A free assessment of your specific situation will allow us to build the perfect debt elimination plan — including maximum IRS debt reduction or even complete elimination.

Is Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy the best way to erase tax debt?

Your situation is unique and the best strategy depends on a variety of factors. We will meet with you to assess your current situation as well as your long term financial goals and help develop a bankruptcy plan that addresses IRS tax problems. We’ll also help with other concerns including asset retention, retirement protection, and financial commitments. The action plan we come up with works for you!

Ultimately the details of your bankruptcy filing are far more than a payment or a fee. At Reynolds Law Firm we put together a plan that is a foundation for success going forward. Call or email today and let us help you erase tax debt and get to work on your financial goals.